Schiaparelli Mars probe’s parachute ‘jettisoned too early’

“I think they will see that this mission is a success. We have the function that we need for the 2020 mission, and therefore I think we don’t have to convince them – we just have to show them. The results are obvious,” he told reporters.

Schiaparelli is probably the best name for what in all likelihood is a brand new martian crater. As they weren’t going for the creation of a brand new martian crater, I’m not sure I could comfortably call it a success. I mean, the Apollo missions involved deorbiting certain pieces of hardware into the Lunar surface, and of course the Rosetta spacecraft was also intentionally crashed.. but you know, that is intent. If you didn’t intend for it to happen… success… is probably too strong of a word.

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CO2 into ethonol 

Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol

I think the envisioned uses are a little off from reality. Gases which are measured in parts per million which at those levels have no negative effects on life aren’t where we need to put our enegy. Might be useful for fuel cells in human occupied space stations.. where getting rid of CO2 is somewhat important and ethonol has better energy density than any battery we’ve come up with. Same might be true for submarines, for the same reason.

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Obama Compares Obamacare to Smartphone That Was Recalled for Catching on Fire

The other difference being that people actually wanted the smart phone in question.

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University of Toronto Professor Refuses to Use “Genderless Pronouns;” Chaos Ensues  

Special snowflake pronouns are idiotic. They are effectively extra names, since generally they only apply to one person. There may be some that are used more than others, but the pronouns we have are mainly aimed at particular combinations of x and y, specifically XX and XY, which regardless of how you think in your brain, aren’t changeable. Anything else doesn’t tell anything meaningful, and while there is a certain willingness to inappropriately use she and he, I must tell you, the * is silent.. but always there. 

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ACA and economics

NC Blue Cross announces rate increase of 24.3 percent for ACA marketplace plans

If you add people whose risk whose risk approaches one to an insurance pool at risk approaching zero pricing, of course this would happen.

They promised the average family would save, and we didn’t believe them. The average family paid more, and the claim it is less than they would have, without proof. It is time to replace it with a working system. What generally works well is deregulation. More or less the opposite of this mess.

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The hottest on record

NASA Analysis Finds Warmest September on Record By Narrow Margin

We’re not quite done with the ice age which buried Chicago under a mile of snow, but the trend is pretty good.

“Monthly rankings are sensitive to updates in the record, and our latest update to mid-winter readings from the South Pole has changed the ranking for June,” said GISS director Gavin Schmidt. “We continue to stress that while monthly rankings are newsworthy, they are not nearly as important as long-term trends.”

If they’re subject to change, rather, you’re assured they will change, they aren’t newsworthy. Until the data can stand unmolested on its own to scrutiny, announcing it is pointless, and rather akin to false advertising. Ultimately, they’re asking for money with a misrepresentation of their product.

Also, being number one out of one hundred and thirty-six isn’t that impressive, particularly when the trend was assumed upward without humans even being involved.

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‘Ghostbusters’ director blames original…

“I understand some people are mad it wasn’t a sequel,” Feig said. “I more have a problem with the people that are mad because the cast are women. They gotta deal with that themselves.”

First of all, is that really a good attitude for someone thinking of their potential cuatomers. Sure, the car explodes after 100 miles and some people are unhappy about that, but they just got to get over it. The audience doesn’t have to change their preference for you, idiot. You are selling to them, not the other way around.


No, idiot. It isn’t that the cast is women, it’s that the perception is that the cast being women is what movie is about, as far as the public is concerned. While the cast draws people to watch movies, movies aren’t supposed to be about the cast. It was obviously important to the makers that it be an all woman cast. But in the priorities for story telling, when something like that becomes important the story MUST become less important.

Well, that everyone was talking about it being all woman, up to and including this article, rather than talking about the movie itself is pretty telling, you know? Even the women I know who’ve watched it don’t talk about the movie, but rather how hot one of the actresses was. That is pretty shallow, you know? Did you really intend to make ghostbusters, which was a fun train paranormal comedy, or did you just want to make an all woman team movie, and hey, ghostbusters was fun. From what I’ve read of the plot, I suspect the later.

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