dark energy

A radical new hypothesis claims to have a simple explanation for dark energy

I had this thought some time ago, though there is no particular reason to believe that any of it is right.

Well, first, if you consider that in a black hole, the event horizon isn’t merely nothingness but is more or less where the magic happens. This more or less comes from my vague understanding of recent works of Steven Hawking. If this means a black hole is more like a doughnut or a soap bubble I don’t know, but apparently it is possible that there is no singularity at all. A possible upside is that if the mass isn’t condensed to a point, the possibility of black holes having spin is somewhat greater. As I recall, one of the theories on how to travel though time involved spinning black holes. Although the energy involved in approaching and escaping would be fairly terrifying.

From quantum physics there is a notion that the universe isn’t 3 space dimensions and 1 time dimension, but a multitude. I believe that 26 has been passed around, but I’m pretty fond of 42 for obvious nerd related reasons. I don’t understand any of it well enough the evaluate the existence of dimensions beyond the 3. A universe that has more than 3 dimensions in it should still be capable of having a black hole though. Rather, it seems as long as there is something like gravity it would be pretty hard to avoid such a universe being more or less all black hole. And for that matter, according to their present theory, some of those dimensions are space like, but from our perception are basically flat.

There is the universal constant, the speed of light, which we’re not 100% sure has actually been a constant in all of time and space, though we still act as though it is. More on that later.

From black hole theory, we have the idea that all black holes, once they’ve consumed all they can consume (which is to say, they run out of things to eat) will eventually evaporate. In Star Trek, this idea is employed as a power source for the Romulans, who use a very tiny black hole as an energy source. The way it evaporates, by the way, is that the universe is (theoretically) constantly producing virtual particles that come into existence in pairs,  then are attracted to each other and self destruct. In the case of black holes, one of them can fall into the black hole and the other escape. This will result in a net loss of mass for the black hole equal to the virtual particle that escaped, or it’s energy equivalent anyway. E=MC² and all that.

Now, here is where the magic all happens. If there is a 26 dimension space time with a black hole in it, and black holes aren’t hollow but most of the interesting stuff is actually somewhat close to the event horizon, then it stands to reason that such a black hole would have an n-dimensional surface. Our universe would exist on that surface, expressed as a set of vibrations. The speed of light in our universe would actually be tied to the mass of the black hole, propagating at a resonate frequency on the membrane, with the vibrations we observe in light not being that, but local vibrations on the surface. This might imply that light isn’t a constant speed everywhere, since it would seem the local “thickness” of a black hole is not constant.

Then.. what is the big bang? Probably the black hole ate something. What is dark energy? Evaporation. Virtual particles are being created, some of them are escaping. They create something like “vacuum energy” which may or may not act like gravity.. but more importantly if the black hole shrinks it would affect the resonate frequency, probably making it higher. My inclination is to say this would make light move faster with time, though being a part of this universe we wouldn’t notice it. But at the same time, if a singularity doesn’t exist, the initial impact SHOULD spread across the whole of the black hole until it averages it to “flat” It would probably accelerate as the mass that makes up the universe gets farther and father from each other, the vibrations that describe it eventually becoming nothing. From our perception this would be a universe that expanded “forever” (it’d eventually reach the other side and there would be some interference) so it would look like a heat death ending- but wait, there’s more. In the fullness of time all the information that made up our universe would escape.. which is to say, heath death isn’t the final end. Rather from our perspective the the universe would disappear (due to spreading faster than the speed of light at that time) and then eventually evaporate.

One up shot of all this .. I mean, from connecting a thousand theories that have nothing to do with each other perspective, is that idea a few years ago that the universe is a “hologram” somewhat fits with everything else.

anyway, cheers.

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